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Enescu Festival through their eyes. The tourists who visit Romania for the music

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If you think Enescu Festival is a privilege only for us, think again. There are thousands of tourists that come to each edition. Lots of them are discovering Romania for the first time, thanks to the festival. To be more precise, the organizers estimated 20 000 tourists at the previous edition, in 2013. Most of them are from Western Europe.

When it comes to the best musicians, conductors and orchestras in the world, they actually have everything you could possibly want in Paris, London, Berlin, Vienna or Madrid. All you could ever dream in classical music. But this musical luxuriance happens in one single month in Romania, with the most famous names in the musical industry and at prices that could easily beat any festival or concert hall from abroad. That’s why the classical music lovers around the world are putting Bucharest on their travel map.

I talked to several tourists during a historical night for the Enescu Festival. The night when the Berliner Philharmoniker, conducted by the great Sir Simon Rattle, came for the first time in Romania. And the night when the artistic Director of the festival, Ioan Holender, said goodbye to the public after seven editions, in a kind and extremely honest speech.

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„We’re from Munich, it’s our first time to the festival. We came for several performances. We’re a group of 27 people from Munich. The concert was wonderful. When it comes to prices, Romania it’s not so expensive. The tickets are much more expensive in Germany than they are here.”
Gundi and Patrizia, Munich

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„We are for the first time in Romania. We are staying here until next week. The festival and the fabulous orchestras are the main reason we are here, but we also want to see Romania, that we have never visited. We came to hear the Berliner Philharmoniker, London Symphony Orchestra and The Staatskapelle Dresden. The festival is very well organized. I saw that the Romanian public receives it very well, because the concert hall is full. We can’t wait to see the Ateneu. We couldn’t visit it yet because there are always rehearsals in the morning.”
Ana Maria, Barcelona

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„I’m for the second time in Romania, I’ve already been in 2011, in a group organized by the Museum of Sevilla. For me, it’s a pleasure to see a country that is born again.”
Rose Marie, Barcelona

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„Our agency, Fra Diavolo, organizes musical trips all over the world. Every week we go somewhere, in Paris, London, Vienna. Bucharest is on our list and now we are here for the Enescu Festival, which is wonderful. After the next days of concerts, we’ll go visit Braşov, Sighişoara and the monasteries in Bucovina. We have arranged the trip for 41 persons. The festival is a very important event. Every 2 years, the best orchestras in the world are here, it’s fantastic!”
Francisco Javier Mata, Madrid

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