I have the experience of many media; I am familiar with people’s reactions to the correct Romanian language, from the perfect indifference regarding the rules to the almost hysterical intolerance regarding an inappropriate expression. Both give me the creeps. I think we can be rigorous and vigilant, and at the same time tolerant and relaxed. This way, things will get much better for us.

Feel free to contact me and I will help you tame the words. Together, we will make sure the message you send is thought-out and clear, grammatically correct and in accordance with the official norms of the Romanian Academy. Any message you’ve put together, written or spoken, be it:

  • an advertisement that will run daily on TV or radio, which we`ll see displayed for a long time on a building downtown or on the Internet;
  • a presentation you are going to give in front of your colleagues or clients;
  • a resume which says everything about you and it’s always great if it does so in a correct Romanian language;
  • the contents of a Website.

Beyond conveying information, the language we speak is a matter of style. The image does not consist only of a well-tailored suit and an appropriate haircut. The way we talk recommends or disqualifies us in society, and a misplaced comma can spoil the beauty of the message. And it would be a shame.